Since 2007, HUIIMO and many Notified Bodies worked together beginning a nonprofit seminar to enter the Asian market.



    HUIIMO maintains close cooperation relationships with many testing and certification bodies. We can provide customers with various certification schemes and customized approval consulting services.





    When manufacturing PPE or sport PPE in Asian countries and shipping them overseas, quality issues, engineering problems, and late deliveries can slow your business and drain your resources. HUIIMO has the experience and the supply chain to make the entire process simple, efficient, and cost-effective. We pride ourselves with best in best-in-class delivery time frames that rival local sourcing but at a fraction of the cost.




  • HUIIMO Group is determined to become the most professional approval consulting service organization in China. We based on enterprise customization, provide clients with efficient, professional, and rapid services.
    Our customized service includes:
    Product approval discussion and planning
    Standard translation and interpretation
    Certification bodies recommendation
    Technical file compilation and submission
    Factory audit/cargo inspection service
    Quality system counseling
    Training and seminar service
    exhibition service
    Measuring device purchasing service
    Raw material import service
    About our service, you can:
    1. Select a single service or multiple services.
    2. Select full service, and enjoy preferential prices.
    3. Select monthly/quarterly/yearly service, and at a certain time, provide service without limitation.
    Focus on the customer, we offer you strong support during the certification process. We have various services, there is always one type that suits you
    Q: What’s the difference between you and a certification body & other consulting agencies?
    A: HUIIMO Group is a professional approval consulting agency; we provide customized approval consulting services to the certification body, We are more familiar with the demand of manufacturers from China; Compared to other consulting agencies, we can provide customized service, and the whole certification process is open and transparent, there is no hidden cost.
    Q: Which lab and certification body do you choose? Can we assign the lab?
    A: HUIIMO has good cooperation with 80% of PPE testing and certification bodies from EU, USA, and Australia. We can select testing and certification bodies according to customer demand, lowest cost, quickest time, best comprehensive strength, and other conditions. Of course, we can also select the lab assigned by you.
    Q: We only need you to compile the user manual, is that OK?
    A: Yes, of course. Clients are free to select service items.
    Whether full service or just document compilation, we can provide superior service and accurate document information according to customer demand.
    Q: Whether your committed lead time is true or not? If the project cannot be finished within the set time, what should be done?
    A: Our committed lead time has been calculated carefully, and we can promise to finish the service item within the limitation. If not, we promise no charge for our service. (Failure due to customer or certification body objective
    reasons are not in the scope of commitment)
    Q: Whether choosing your service to ensure the acquirement of the certificate?
    A: We assist the clients to apply product approval, we cannot promise that the sample will certainly pass the testing. If the sample fails to meet the requirement, we will provide modification suggestions. However, the sample is not produced by us, so we cannot promise the modified sample can pass the re-test. Thank you for understanding!
    We can provide PPE approval consulting serviservicesrding to the following standards: