Important Notice-EU's Major Decisions on UK Certification Bodies (Reposted)

Created on:2018-12-18

the world's foreign trade partners,

as a result of the UK's decision to leave the EU, Europe and the US have major decisions on the Notified Bodies in the UK,

, please move your tables and chairs,

take a look at this important regulation.

The EU solemnly decided on January 10, 2018 that from March 30, 2019, all notified bodies in the UK will not be able to carry out CE certification, and all British products, manufacturers and certification bodies will no longer apply the EU's free circulation policy.

01 Background

background takes place against the backdrop of Britain's decision to leave the EU, which will further impact the entire EU region, and the aftershocks will not abate at all!

02 Time Node

announcement: January 10, 2018

execution time: March 30, 2019

you can see that there is a buffer time, that is to say, it is still feasible within this buffer time, but the actual situation is that these institutions will definitely adjust their direction quickly, either closing down or re-registering and operating in other countries. You can communicate well with your own understanding institutions!

03 Content

all notified bodies in the UK will not be able to carry out CE certification, and all UK products, manufacturers and certification bodies will no longer apply the EU's free circulation policy.

, everyone can understand this very well, but the key points to be grasped are as follows:

A: Is the certification before CE still valid?

B: What about products with CE certification during the transition period?

C: Will the UK government introduce new product requirements?

needs foreign trade partners to make quick contact with customers for understanding. The foreign trade cabinet will also issue the final confirmation in the first place, because it is still in the transitional stage. The cabinet chief's judgment is as follows, for reference only, and the confirmation of each foreign trade partner and customer shall prevail.

01- CE is still valid, but the certification is also limited in time, and the time will naturally expire.

02-Many UK Notified Bodies will register similar companies in other EU countries, please pay close attention.

03-Brexit, gradually replacing CE certification with its own certification will soon be introduced

In short, don't worry, everything always has a transitional stage. The key is to pay close attention, communicate with customers more, and ensure that you are ahead without loss.

so the cabinet Lord suggested the following:

1. If you do other EU markets through the UK market, you should quickly have a second plan, especially communicate with the certification body you find.

2. Only the British market certification, the need to pay close attention to the requirements of the British domestic market

3. If you have obtained CE certification through other EU markets, you should pay close attention to whether the UK can use it.

4. Communicate closely with announcement entities and customers to ensure that information comes first.

remarks, the above information is transferred from the "focus business" public number information. Hope to help everyone.

For UK certification bodies, we have always had relevant risk tips before. If you have previously obtained, or are in the process of obtaining, the British certification body certification of the manufacturer, also don't worry, the new rules and old instructions have a buffer period of one year. British certification bodies will also use this time to provide solutions.

the details of Britain's Brexit policy, we will inform you as soon as we have the latest information. I hope you can add "Shanghai Symes" WeChat to understand the latest developments.

The following are the official documents of the relevant EU resolutions.


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