Warmly Congratulates NIOSH Certification Seminar on the Successful Ended

Created on:2018-12-18

warmly congratulate the successful conclusion of the NIOSH Certification Workshop. Thank you very much for your support and cooperation in our work. At the same time, I would also like to thank NIOSH engineers Mr. Jeremy Brannen and Mr. Pat for Wiltanger on-site training and explanation.

The following are the topics covered at this NIOSH seminar:

Part I Basic Introduction to NIOSH Certification

1 NIOSH Overview

mainly involves: introduction of NIOSH; FDA and EPA; basic introduction of NIOSH respirator certification; components of NIOSH respirator certification program; NIOSH certification information announcement methods, etc.

2. How to Become a NIOSH Permittee

mainly involves: qualification of applicants; NIOSH certification process of respirator; Preliminary examination of the project; Quality assurance assessment; Product testing/performance; Final engineering review and final resolution; Brief introduction of site review (factory inspection); Brief introduction of respirator certification cost; Problems that are easy to occur in the application; Problems that are easy to occur in site review (factory inspection), etc.

3. Submission of application

mainly involves: documents and objects required for NIOSH application; basic requirements of quality manual; quality system evaluation; drawing review; product label review; instruction manual; pre-test data, etc.

Part II Product Testing

4. Test introduction: anti-particulate respirator (for: dust mask)

mainly involves: test items; test procedures; test equipment (pictures show how to test); evaluation criteria, etc.

5. Test introduction: respirator for filtering gas and steam (for: full mask, half mask)

mainly involves: test procedures; chemical gas categories; test items; test equipment (pictures show how to test); test system examples, etc.

6. Test Introduction: Power Air Purifying Respirator

mainly involves: introduction/category of power air purifying respirator; test procedure; test items; test equipment (the picture shows how to perform the test), etc.

Part III Document Review

7. Quality Assurance-What are the NIOSH requirements?

mainly involves: quality control plan (data control, engineering drawing control); Inspection equipment calibration; Incoming material control; Production process control; Final product control; Company organizational structure, etc.

8. Product Sampling

mainly involves: missing classification; sampling standards; sampling procedures; product sampling examples, etc.

9. Private labeling/private packaging (packaging requirements for applying for sub-certificates/sub-certificates)

mainly involves: the content of private labels; Precautions for private labels; Private label instances; Precautions for private packaging, etc.

Part IV Certificate Maintenance and Fees

10. Site audit and product verification after obtaining the certificate (NIOSH certificate maintenance)

mainly involves: the purpose of NIOSH's supervision of certificates; the objectives of site audit (factory inspection); the process/evaluation method of site audit; the punishment related to site audit problems; the purpose of product audit; the sample sampling of product audit; the evaluation of product test results, etc.

11. Fee management and payment

mainly involves: NIOSH certification fee distribution, fee payment method introduction, fee update description, etc.

12. Certified Product Investigation Procedure (CPIP) after obtaining the certificate

mainly involves: under what circumstances will CPIP be activated? The investigation procedure of CPIP; The judgment of CPIP; And the liability of certificate holders, etc.

in order to provide better service for everyone in the future. We will conduct a satisfaction survey on this seminar in the near future. If you have any suggestions, opinions or needs, you can tell us. We will do our best to provide you with quality service.

This workshop moderator and translator: MAGGIE

NIOSH Engineers Mr. Jeremy Brannen and Mr. Pat Wiltanger

PAT is explaining what is NIOSH certification

Jeremy is explaining the problems that easily arise in the NIOSH application process.

everyone is listening

seminar, everyone was still discussing some doubts.

NIOSH engineers with some participants

In addition, in addition to NIOSH certification, because the ISO standard for respiratory protection products is also being discussed and formulated, we are fortunate to understand their discussion process and have maintained good interaction with some members who formulate ISO standards. If there is a chance or everyone has this demand in the future, I can also invite ISO RPD team members to Shanghai to discuss the standard so that our Chinese enterprises can participate in it, and make your own voice. If you have any needs in this regard, we will discuss them in private.


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