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Created on:2023-09-13


ECS becomes part of OETI, which is part of the internationally active TESTEX Group

OETI - Institute for Ecology, Technology and Innovation GmbH, based in Vienna, is expanding its activities in the field of testing, evaluation and certification of personal protective equipment. OETI takes over ECS GmbH with effect from July 1st, 2023.


OETI is a globally active independent testing and certification service provider. The company has decades of expertise in the areas of OEKO-TEX® certificates & labels, textiles, leather and due diligence along the textile and leather value chain, personal protective equipment (PPE), flooring technology, interior design and indoor air quality. OETI is a founding member of the international OEKO-TEX® community.

OETI has been part of the Swiss TESTEX Group since 2013. TESTEX AG is a globally active, independent Swiss testing and certification organization with a focus on textile and leather testing.


ECS tests and evaluates safety goggles with and without a filter effect, passive and active welding protection filters and shields, laser protection filters, goggles and shields. ECS also checks the optical properties of sunglasses, sports, ski, swimming and motorcycle goggles.


OETI and ECS expect synergy effects on the global market from the merger.


ECS location in Aalen will be retained
The ECS location in Aalen will remain; all ECS employees received an employment guarantee. Effective immediately, the new managing director of ECS GmbH in Aalen is Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Diebolder. This one proves many years of experience in the processing of scientific and technical projects. On behalf of the ECS, he has been testing the resistance of laser safety filters and glasses for about 10 years. The previous managing director, Dr. Bernhard Schmitz, will continue to support ECS GmbH as a consultant.




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