Goods inspection service, also known as notarial inspection or export inspection in import and export trade, is an activity that representing client or buyer to inspect goods quality and other related contents in order, purchases and sales contracts required by client or buyer, with the purpose of checking goods supplied by supplying party whether meeting the requirement of order contract and other special requirements of buyer.


    Purpose of goods inspection service


    Avoid delivery delay and product defect, take emergency and remedial measures at first time; reduce or avoid customer complains, changing or refunding, and business reputation loss caused by receipt of inferior products; lower the risk of compensation caused by selling inferior products; check the quality and quantity of goods, avoid contract disputes; compare and select the best supplier and obtain related information and suggestion; reduce great number of management cost and cost of labor paid for monitoring and inspecting goods.


    Type of goods inspection service

    Pre-production inspection:

    inspectors perform inspection to raw material, rough-wrought product and parts through random sampling.


    In-process inspection: inspectors perform inspection to semi-finished products or finished products, examine defect and deviation and report to factory, raise effective methods for correcting mistakes and deviations.


    Sampling inspection before goods delivery: When production and packaging are finished and before delivery (in general 100% production rate and 80% packaging rate), inspectors perform inspection to quantity, craft, function, color, specification, packaging and other details of goods. Sampling methods are GB2828.1/ ISO2859/NF X06-022/ANSI/ASQC Z1.4/BS 6001/DIN 40080 and other internationally accreditated standards, complying with AQL sampling level of buyers in the meantime.


    Shipping supervision:

    After final inspection, inspectors assist clients to confirm the encasement whether meeting proper cleaning and binning condition.


    Factory assessment:

    According to customer demand, cargo surveyor assigns factory inspector to inspect the working conditions, production status, facilities, manufacturing equipment, manufacturing mode, quality assurance management and personnel condition of manufacturing enterprise, and put forward related explaination and opinion book. Not only can investigate hidden trouble of quality accident for client, but also provide comment of correction.


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