We hope to achieve mutual benefit and common developmentthrough building strategic sharing mechanism and cooperationplatform among testing organizations, production enterprisesand scientific research institutions; to promote the common de-velopment of PPE industry through promoting the constructionofindustry cooperation platform; to spread the responsible cor-porate image of HUIMO Group (Shanghai) Lltd through positiveand honest cooperation with media and effective external com-munication.


    Success Case

    ECS GmbH is the notified body in Germany, their test instru-ments present the most advanced technology in the world, Since

    2007, ECS and Maggie of Huiimou Group founder worked to-gether beginning of non-profit seminar to enter into Asianmarket, ECS test devices had taken 90% of market as device sup-plier,also obtained 70% of test tasks for ADF. We are really prideto made our contribution for the ADF industry.